Original Yugoslavian WWII Model 35 Defensive Fragmentation Hand Grenade - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptionally rare excellent totally genuine BATF compliant inert Yugoslavian WWII Model 1935 Defensive hand  fragmentation Grenade.

During the 1930's Yugoslavia developed two successive models of grenades, the model 35 and model 38, producing a Defensive and Offensive pattern each time. This is the first, the Model 1935. The Defensive fragmentation type was made of cast iron with an externally grooved body ( a pattern that resembled the American M1 Pineapple Grenade). The Offensive blast type was of light sheet metal with no fragmentation matrix and had a central seam.  The fuzes were of the percussion type; lead washer between the fuze and the grenade body; brass fuze cap; reverse thread for the fuze body and dual gas vents.

Model 1935 grenades have a distinctive fuse with a knurled safety cap with an external friction locking feature. During its development, the fuse body construction was changed from brass to aluminum and the locking feature simplified from a crimped steel leaf spring to a brazed brass wire.

This example is the earliest style fuse constructed of brass, and marked M 35 with an arsenal marking. There is also a 27 / 40 marking, most likely indicating manufacture in the 27th week of 1940. The fuze is complete with the cap and locking tab intact and in very good condition. The leather loop is present and is also in very good condition.  The fuze unscrews and dissembles correctly.

Overall an exceptionally rare example offered in very good condition. Measures approximately 4.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, heavy at close to 2 pounds. This is an exceptionally rare WWII grenade with only a few known examples currently in private collections and museums.

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