Original Yugoslavian WWII Model 1917 Egg Grenade

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptionally rare excellent totally genuine BATF approved inert Yugoslavian Interwar and WWII Model 1917 Egg Grenade which was a copy of the German WWI Model 1917 Eierhandgranate Mle.1917. This example has a Yugoslavian designed brass screw off fuse, iron body with cast grip band. Grenade is marked SBF on the base of the body. The only discernible difference between the Yugo and German models is the large Yugo brass fuse. It measures approximately 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide and is offered in excellent condition.

As WWI progressed, there was a need for a smaller grenade, something more portable than the heavy Kugel and less cumbersome than stick types.
Development started in late 1916 which lead to the introduction of the cast iron "Egg" grenade, Mle.1917. It was loaded with black powder, or other explosive fillers. The average soldier could be expected to reach distances of over 40 meters, which meant the Eierhandgranate could be used in an offensive role as well as defensive.

The smooth body proved difficult to hold with wet or muddy hands so the design was quickly modified, adding a raised center band for a better grip.
This is referred to as the Mle.1917 Na.

The Eierhandgranate was designed to use the same fuzes as found on the Kugel grenade. The first fuze, Model 1913, was machined from bronze. It evolved into more weather resistant designs. These were igniting fuzes, where a final flash from the bottom set off the main explosive charge after the delay had burned through. Although a late war development, Mle.1917 Eggs are often found with earlier fuze types.

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