Original Yugoslavian Vietnam War Era Display M56 Submachine Gun With Magazine

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent condition M56 Yugoslavian M56 display Submachine Gun, built from original parts with a display non-firing BATF complaint receiver and a welded non-functional bolt. The receiver has30% of solid steel grafted into a severed receiver with the bolt assembly and charging handle welded in place.

Offered with exceptional original black bakelite or plastic stock and grips, this is the real thing that will only appreciate in value over time. The extending butt stock is present and fully functional. The receiver is a BATF approved example with two inches of solid steel stock as required. The barrel is original and does not appear to have been deactivated in any way, but appears to have been welded in place and cannot be removed. Original markings are present, as well as serial numbers. The serial number displayed on the receiver top is 22794-C. Included is an original magazine and will have the spring and follower removed if shipped to a state that prohibits high capacity magazines.

This is a wonderful opportunity to pick up a beautiful “MP 40 Clone” Yugo M56 to add to your collection. Comes ready to display!

The M56 submachine gun is a Yugoslavian submachine gun chambered in 7.62×25mm Tokarev, designed for use with the Yugoslav People's Army. Initially a state-funded product, it was later produced by Zastava Arms and saw use in a number of conflicts following the breakup of former Yugoslavia. The M56 is a clone of the MP 40 submachine gun used by Germany, easily distinguished from the MP 40 by its increased length and curved magazine.

While inexpensive to produce and easy to maintain, the M56 also proved to be quite effective at range over its German counterpart; its 7.62 mm cartridge providing significantly more penetration over the 9×19mm round found in the MP 40. Internally the M56 lacks the telescoping recoil spring found in the MP 40. The magazine release also differs and is located directly behind the magazine instead of on the side of the receiver on the MP 40. The M56 also uses a double feed magazine contrary to the single feed magazines used on the MP 40. The M56 has a fire selector switch allowing the operator to fire in either semi or fully automatic which the MP 40 did not have. Disassembly also differed with the gun being taken apart via a rear end cap, separating the lower and upper receivers while the MP 40 this was accomplished by a button on the lower receiver located behind the magazine well. Another change from the MP 40 is that the M56 lacks the Bakelite resting bar below the barrel on the MP 40.
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