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Original Yugoslavian Cold War Era Inert M69B 81mm Mortar System - Export Version

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Original Item. Only One Available. This is a tremendous inert M69 81mm mortar that has been fully made inert via a large hole near the end of the cannon. This is a non-functional BATF compliant inert display mortar that is not available for export.

The mortar consists of three parts:

- The barrel, which measures roughly 63” long, that’s 5 Foot, 3 Inches, and has a large bore-width hole drilled near the back end of the barrel right above the breechblock. On the front end of the barrel, a piece of metal has been welded to the interior which partially blocks the firing end of the mortar, which makes it inert. The mortar is marked at the rear end 47-355 MRT 81mm M69B-D No. 1085. There is a white stripe painted along the side of the mortar with 1085 painted above it, with some red paint smeared onto one side. 
- The bipod, which is fully adjustable to allow for angled firing. It is in great displayable condition. The number 157 is visible on the piece that secures onto the barrel. On another piece, 45-467 is stamped. The bipod retains its full chain which functions well.
- The baseplate, which when turned upside down will dig into the ground and allow the end of the mortar to attach. This piece will absorb the cannon’s recoil and ground it. There is a white stripe painted underneath. The plate has a plate data plate underneath which has mostly been painted over. The serial number 1406 is visible.

The M69 81 mm/82 mm medium weight mortar is a Yugoslavian-designed smooth bore, muzzle-loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon used for long-range indirect fire support to light infantry. It was a popular choice during its era and it, along with some variations, is still in use by several countries today. It has a maximum firing range of 4,943 meters, or 16,217 feet. It would require four operators and fire 20-25 rounds per minute.

This is a phenomenal piece of equipment manufactured by a country that no longer exists. Very hard to find at all let alone with all the pieces together like this. Ready for further research and display.

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