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Original WWII USAAF Bausch and Lomb AN6531 Aviator Sunglass Named Grouping

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. These U.S. Army Air Force Bausch and Lomb Aviator sunglasses were the precursors to RayBans. This pair offered in excellent condition retain about 99% of their original nickeling with some light oxidation in the usual spots. The celluloid nose pads and sweat bar are an even caramel color and are free of any visible cracks and are fully intact. The lenses are in very good condition with no chips, heavy pits, or heavy scratches, each lens shows normal ware consisting of very light cleaning abrasions from years of use. They obviously have been well taken care of. The lenses are tight in the frames and do not rattle. The frames under the brow support show the Bausch & Lomb trade mark, each reverse side of the nose pads have the B&L markings as well. Overall length of the frames measuring from hinge to hinge is 5-1/2?. The lenses measure 58mm across. The glasses come with their original AN-6531 Aeronautical aluminum flight case with the tan felt liner. The case is in very good condition. The interior felt liner is in good condition and shows some light honest wear and age. Case opens and closes with a tight snap. All around a solid and complete set. There is an original WW2 M1 Garand M15 Grenade Launcher Sight Pouch which has been ingeniously converted to a sunglass carry case. Of most interest however is that the aluminum case is named to KOROL on the back and included with this set is an EXTRACT Dated June 17th, 1945. The extract concerns recuperation for a number of men on a list, one the the names is Sergeant George Korol serial number 37586501. Along with the extract is receipt from the Royal Hotel, Woburn Place, Russell Square, London, W.C.1 dated April 4th, 1945. This receipt is also named to Korol. Just think of what these glasses have seen through the eyes of their original owner. A true functional piece of WW2 history. If you are looking for a excellent pair of authentic vintage WW2 B&L glasses you won’t be disappointed with these. History of the AN-6531 aviator: The Original Aviator style sunglasses were born during the early years of WW2. The Official Army Air corps government issued sunglasses were the model AN-6531. Made by the Bausch & Lomb Co. in Rochester NY. These are the original government issued aviator sunglasses for the USN and USAAF during WW2. Developed in the mid 1930’s these glasses were used by the air force to accommodate the pilots during flight and ground inspections. Since pilots were constantly looking down at their instrument panel while in flight, this necessity gave birth to the teardrop aviator shape lens. Bausch and Lomb was one of the few companies to be contracted by the US government to create these glasses. To meet the demand B&L sub contracted the American Optical Co in South bridge Mass. Often B&L and AO AN-6531 government glasses have cases that are manufactured by either company. It is not uncommon to see AO sunglasses paired with B&L cases and vice versa. Bausch and Lomb later incorporated the new design to create the Ray Ban line of sunglasses, and AO created the Cool Ray brand. These glasses are considered the 1st generation of Bausch and Lomb aviator sunglasses, thus the launching of the Ray Ban line of sunglasses, and the creation of the aviator style of glasses we see today.
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