Original WWII US Army Signal Corps BD-71 Field Telephone Switchboard Set

Item Description

Original Item: This is an excellent condition, WWII issue, BD71 switchboard by Leich Electric. It still has the original paper shop tag from 1953 when the U.S. Army inventoried and serviced it with all the details in handwritten pencil. Included with the switchboard is the original headset assembly with chest microphone, 2 original EE-8 WW2 type field telephones, an original TM11-330 - Switchboards BD-71, BD-72, BD-72-A, and BD-72-B 1943 manual with cover dated 1943 and original wood case that has fold out field legs not often encountered on many models.

Offered in near excellent unissued condition (headset has storage wear). Original data plate reads:

Signal Corps U.S. ARMY

Switchboard BD-71

Serial No. 24 Order No. Nom 45235


We have not tested for functionality of switchboard or phones but all parts appear to be present and in excellent condition, however, we cannot guarantee functionality.

Technical specs of the BD-71:

Field or camp monocord 6 Line Switchboard, cabinet style, self-enclosing, with handles and carrying strap; not requiring packing case. Total weight about 48 pounds, packed. Equipment is accessible from front, top and rear of cabinet. Line drop acts as ring-off or re-ring drop. A lamp on each side of switchboard furnishes illumination for night operation. Lower half of front acts as writing shelf and has a sheet of white pyrolin erasable writing surface for diagrams or other data. Trunks to other switchboards must be of the ringdown type. Simplex coils provided on two line units for telegraph or phantom use. Two BD-71 switchboards can be used together to double capacity. Spark gaps provided on lines. Includes hand generator for ringing.

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