Original WWII U.S. Navy Abandon Ship Signaling Kit in Watertight Container- Hand Projector Flare Launcher- with Original Flares

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. During WWII The U.S. Navy Issued Flare Signaling Kits to be placed in every liferaft. As we know, a flare gun is an absolute necessity for a desperate individual at sea seeking rescue! The navy issued kits in sealed metal cans. Once opened the contents contained a plastic watertight container with a removable screw cap lid, a hand projector flare gun, and a variety of signal flares.

The Hand Projector generally used in these kits was the Mk 4 Hand Projector. The hand projector in this particular kit is different from the standard MK4 commonly seen, and we believe may be a rare variant of the more commonly encountered MK4. It is currently “locked up”, likely from a flare being fired out of it long ago and having never been cleaned. We believe the mechanism is similar to other Hand Projector models of the period; loads from the center, then the firing mechanism is reattached and fired.

Within the breech lock is the firing-pin seat, which rests on a spring washer and extends through the breech-lock cap to the “firing-pin-barrel” cap. A safety chain is attached to the barrel, and the safety-chain ring fits in a groove on the extension of the firing-pin seat to hold it tight against the spring washer, on which the firing pin seat rests. Within the firing pin seat extension is the firing-pin spring. At the extreme base is a safety lever which holds the hand operating knob away from the firing-pin-barrel cap when in the safe position. To load the Hand Projector, twist the assembly until the barrel pulls out from the breech lock cap and insert the Signal Light Mk 2 before reassembling.

Seven original flares, made by Winchester. Five of the flares are still in their original plastic waterproofed sleeves!

A great addition to a WWII collection, Navy Collection, or Survival Gear collection!

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