Original WWII U.S. Naval Gun Factory Mark 37 Binocular 9x63 by Bausch & Lomb with Case

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an very good condition rare genuine pair of U.S. WWII Navy Mark 37 Binoculars, only small numbers of these powerful large binoculars were made as they were exclusively issued to Captains and Gun Fire Control Officers of the Battleships and Cruisers

Nicely marked:
US Navy BU. ORD.
US Naval Gun Factory
Mark 37 9x63
No. 1552 1944
Offered with clear perfectly functional optics. The body of the Mark 37 (7x 50) is made of cast aluminum with other components being stamped or machined. All construction components are nonferrous so that the binocular will not distort a compass. The prism clusters are mounted onto a support shelf, that rests on lugs cast into the binocular body. The hinge is substantially constructed with a precision machined post ½ inch in diameter. Again, other than the objective lens and cells, the optics and mechanics and the basic fit and feel in the hands too will be identical to whatever B&L 7x 50 binocular the Mark 37 was built upon.

The Mark 37 binocular stands about 9-⅝ inches tall, a little taller or shorter depending on eyepiece diopter setting, with a typical width of about 8-½ inches, with this depending on IP spacing. The Mark 37 weighs about 3.85 lbs. (1739 grams), that is 1.3 times the weight of a typical 7x 50. The additional weight seems to be little price to pay for the higher magnification and the previously noted 1.6 times increase of light gathering power over the 7x 50.

For comparison of size and weight consider our our SARD Mark XLIV 7x 50 stands 7-7/16 inches tall, with a typical width of about 7-¾ inches. Weighing about 2.92 lbs. (1322 grams) the SARD Mark XLIV weighs about 2 percent less than the B&L Mark 28 that weighs 2.98 lbs. (1350 grams).
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