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Original WWII U.S.N Foul Weather Deck Cap - U.S. Navy Blue

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Original Item: Original WW2 US NAVY DEPARTMENT - USN blue foul weather deck cap issued to be worn with the bib and brace overall and the blue deck jacket to carry out work duty on the naval fleets during the winter weather of WW2.

All have markings stenciled across nape of neck, quilted lining, cotton construction, some also have sailor's name. There are no longer any available with U.S.N. stenciled on the neck.

Some have original labels reading: CONTRACTS: NXss26131 - 23615 - 16463 - 22036.

Sizes (no size choice) most caps are sizes US 7 to 7 ¼ and are offered in used vintage condition.

Color, condition, style, could vary slightly.

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