Original WWII U.S. Issue Coleman Gasoline Camp Stove Display Set With Messkit From B-25 Ground Mechanic - 12 Items

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Original Items: Only One Group Available. If you have ever done real backpacking and camping, this is doubtlessly an item that you are familiar with. Founded in 1900, the Coleman company has been producing Camping equipment such as stoves, lanterns, and other items for over a century. When WWII Broke out, they were a clear option to provide small camp stoves and lanterns for use in the field.

This is a standard model of the time, measuring about 8 1/2 inches tall, and 4 inches across. It is designed to run off gasoline, either leaded or more preferably white, which did not have any additives. The stoves had no need of the lubricating properties of leaded gas, and it was also safer for the soldiers. The stove features fold out feet on the bottom and fold out burner supports on the top to increase the stability.

The side of the brass fuel tank is marked with the maker and date information:

- 1944 -

This indicates that it was definitely a military issued stove, and not a civilian version.
The stove looks to be in good condition, and all parts seem to be present. We tested the pump and we were able to get some compression, though we do not know if the seals are still holding well. The fuel cap opens, the fuel valve turns, and the burner adjustment also still moves, though we have not checked to see if the needle is still present and intact.

It still has the spare parts tube, which we were able to remove and confirm that all contents appear to be present. The filler funnel is still present, and hasn't been crushed like they so often were.

Also present with the stove is a messkit that has two of ever utensil, totalling 2 Forks, 2 Knives and 2 spoons, a canteen cup, a photograph from May 1945 in an unknown location and two small posters.

The posters both measure 14” x 10 ½” and “chow” advertisements. The posters show men sitting around eating their meal on one poster while the other one shows an example of what a meal would look like, even though we all know those out in the thick of it did not have the opportunity to eat like this. The images are still crisp and clear with easily discernible text and colors. The set itself came from Charles Busch Ramsey, a Ground Mechanic for the US Army Air Forces who worked on B-25s. We have not been able to locate any service information on Mr Ramsey, making for a wonderful research opportunity.

Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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