Original WWII U.S. Homefront “Remember Pearl Harbor” License Plate with Topper

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. These are incredible war time produced license plates for vehicles. The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 ignited not only anger towards the enemy, it also sparked a wildfire of patriotism in every American in all corners of the country. As the war effort was kicked into overdrive, Americans did everything they could to remind each other why they were fighting and what could be lost. A prime example of these reminders are the 2 license plate toppers you are looking at here. Both are very patriotic in nature and design, both with the slogan “Remember Pearl Harbor”. In the early years of WWII how could you not remember Pearl Harbor?
Included in this lot are the following 2 items:
“Remember Pearl Harbor” License Plate Topper: This piece features a very patriotic motif of an American airplane flying over a red, white and blue banner with a cluster of white stars in front of a blue circular background. In the middle of the banner are the words “Remember Pearl Harbor”. It is made of a thin piece of sheet metal with 2 slots on the bottom so it could be attached to the top of your license plate on the front of a vehicle. The colors have faded in the past 80 years but the message is still very bright. The plate is measured at the widest points and that is 11 x 5 inches.
Automobile Vanity Plate: This is another vehicle decorative plate displaying the same message as the other. The plate is constructed of the same type of thin steel and features an all yellow background with the word “America” in red above a beautiful American flag with the words “Remember Pearl Harbor” also in red beneath it. The colors still appear as if they did 80 years ago, they’re just a little dull due to being a little dirty. On the 4 corners of the plate you will find slots just like the ones similar in today's license plates for the purpose of mounting it on a vehicle. The plate measures 12 ½ x 5 ½ inches.  
These beautiful items are deserving to belong to a Pearl Harbor related collection, or even a WWII homefront collection. They are both more than ready to be displayed.
“Remember Pearl Harbor” was a slogan or saying popular in the United States after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Commander Lewis Preston Harris first coined the phrase "Remember Pearl Harbor"

These will make a perfect accompaniment to any WWII U.S. collection!

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