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Original WWII U.S. Army Signal Corps Set of Two EE-8-B Field Telephones with DR-8-A Wire Spool

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. From 1935 to the Vietnam War, the US military used the EE-8 field telephone. The maximum transmission distance was 7 miles, using a wired line. The EE-8 uses D cell batteries to power the electric signal that sends the signal through the wire to the other phone. It uses a hand-cranked dynamo to generate the charge that signals the phone on the other end of the line.

During World War II, the phone was preferred over the radio, and the EE-8 was much more reliable than the backpack-mounted Walkie-Talkies (SCR-300) and Handy-Talkies (SCR-536). Soldiers often ran the phone line, which could be run through a switchboard from a command center, during combat.

These phones have been very hard to find on the collectors market. Each phone is contained in its own canvas custom satchel with integral winder on the side. Takes 2 (present day) D-Cell Batteries to get the system operational and can even be hooked up to your own home phone system to take regular incoming calls! Unfortunately, you cannot dial out. If you had two phones and set them up between rooms (point-to-point) winding the generator on one phone rings the bell in the other (we connected them with present day stereo speaker wire).

The phones are contained in a case measuring approximately 9.5 x 7.75 x 3.5 inches and weighing about 9.75 pounds. EE-8-A and EE-8-B are slightly larger than the EE-8. The main difference between the EE-8 and the other models is that a section of the case lid has been cut out and replaced by flexible material to enable the handset to be hung on the case in a position to hold down the lever switch.

A fabulous reminder of U.S. WW2 battle history recently released from European Military Stores after 50+ years of storage. Comes complete with original English language markings with satchel Carrier, Shoulder Strap and Wire on Spool.

Note: While IMA believes these phones to be fully operational, the few we tested were, however we do NOT guarantee that each phone is fully functional. These are sold in AS IS condition. Batteries and speaker wire are not included but are readily available at your local radio shack or similar type retailer.

SET OF 2 Phones with Wire on Spool (one pair)

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