Original WWII to Cold War Helmet Lot - French, East German, Polish, Bulgarian - 6 Items

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a very nice collection of helmets from various time periods and countries. All helmets are complete with liners and are offered in great condition. This is a wonderful lot to pick up if you are looking to either start collecting helmets or are just wanting to add these really nice examples to your already existing ones.

The following 6 helmets are included in this lot:

- Dutch Netherlands M34 WWII Type Model 1934 Steel Helmet: The M34 (Also known as M1934) is a steel combat helmet used by the Netherlands from its introduction in 1934 replacing the previous M23/27, to the invasion by Germany in 1940. From which it was replaced by the M53 helmet, a local copy of the American M1 helmet.

- Polish/East German Fallschirmjäger Wz 63 Paratrooper Helmet: based very much on the dispatch rider helmets of WWII, the Wz 63 was designed to protect the head and neck of the paratrooper during the descent and landing. It was not designed to protect the paratrooper from enemy fire. These were very popular among warsaw pact countries, particularly East Germany.

- Polish Hełm Wz. 67 Steel Helmet: This helmet superseded the Hełm wz. 50, replacing all of the design except for the chin strap. The liner was not held in place by large spacers, but retained the basic "German style" design. The helmet was updated with a more modern liner in 1975, creating the Hełm Wz. 67/75.

- Bulgarian WWII M36/C Steel Combat Helmet: This is the Bulgarian Model 36/C steel helmet without the early style rolled edge; two vent holes and six rivets. The M36 was produced in three patterns prior to WWII, and this was the last type of the Model 36 ever produced. Many M36 helmets saw service long after the war, so we do not know if the liner and paint are original or post war.

- French Modèle 1951 Helmet in Unissued Condition. The Modèle 1951 helmet was a military helmet used by the French military (Army, Navy, Air Force and Gendarmerie), iconic of the Algerian War. It replaced a variety of helmets used during the Second World War, including the Adrian helmet, Modèle 1945 helmet and American-supplied M1 Helmet. The Modèle 1951 was designed to have the same general shape as the US M1 Helmet, in an effort towards standardisation within NATO. The two differ in that the M1 has a longer visor and a more pronounced downwards slope on the sides. The M1 also has a nape strap while the Modèle 1951 does not. This example is marked at the top of the liner by maker M. JOLY & FILS along with a 1970 date.

Unknown Lightweight Military Shape Vietnamese Pith Helmet: We’re not sure exactly which country this helmet is intended for issue to, but it has the classic shape of a German Stahlhelmet, combined with the lightweight “pith” design. It is marked MADE IN VIETNAM inside.

This is a wonderful opportunity to add 6 beautiful helmets to your collections. All come ready for display!

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