Original WWII Style British Officer Galvanized Steel Foot Bath- Post War

Item Description

Original Item: Who could have imagined this height of decadence? Official Army issue galvanized steel foot baths. Full military marking with broad arrow and possible post war dates.

At the peak of the period which the British spent much of the time losing, bureaucracy authorized production of such nonessential items. It only goes to show what reverence was shown to the Officer Corp.

Offered in good condition and perfectly serviceable for those wishing to be pampered at home. Lots of other uses, even if you just need to do the dishes of keep some Ale cold (Americans). Markings and dates will vary but all will be post war.

Another amazing piece of military history. Packed in dried grease so cleaning will be required!

Approximate Dimensions:

Top Diameter: 13 inches

Bottom Diameter: 12 inches

Height: 6 1/2 inches

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