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Original WWII Japanese Type 99 Display LMG and Parts Set- Museum Grade

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Item Description

Original Item: Japanese machine guns very rarely show up for sale, so we are especially proud to offer this stunning Museum grade example.

This GI WW2 bring back Type 99 has been correctly demilled to BATF specs, with the original receiver having been cut, filled and welded into a non-functional non-gun. Features of this gun include multiple matched serial numbers, 90% original blueing, a live excellent condition barrel, correct original Arisaka bayonet, conical flash hider, monopod, adjustable bipod, and internal parts that can be used to support a registered full auto or semi-conversion (if there are any). The only part that is not original to the gun is the magazine but were able to find a newly made resin magazine which completes the look.

One of the most interesting aspect of the light machine gun is the bullet damage clearly present on the ejection port cover that indented the receiver but did not puncture, indication that this was used in battle and brought brought home as a trophy of war. In this case the photos speak far more than any descriptions we could write.

The Type 99 was probably the most successful Japanese Army machine gun of the Second World War. It looks like and was used like the famous British Bren gun, including the top-mounted magazine, a folding bipod, and a quick-change barrel. Unlike the Bren gun, however, the Type 99 was equipped with a mount for the standard Japanese rifle bayonet.

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