Original WWII Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Rifle Rubberized Canvas Jungle Sling

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. WWII Japanese Sling for the Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Service Rifle. The Japanese began looking for a solution for the deterioration of their leather equipment used by their soldiers in the Tropics. The Japanese developed Rubberized equipment, which was to replace the earlier leather gear which would rot away in the jungles of the Pacific. In addition, these rubber coated canvas items would also assist the Japanese with conserving leather, which was becoming increasingly scarce as the war went on.

The rubberized items were an improvement, but, like most military issued items, they are not intended to last forever. Eventually the rubber dries out, and the sling simply falls apart, making existing versions of Japanese issue rubberized “jungle” gear incredibly scarce today.

This sling is remarkably in one piece. The large black painted steel buckle is intact and retains most of its paint. The keeper is still present and the iron securing stud is present as well. The exterior finish is hard and cracked in places.

A must have for the serious Imperial Japanese Army Collector or Japanese Firearms collector!

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