Original WWII Italian M33 Helmet marked with 3rd Dragoon Regiment Emblem - stamped P60

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The M33 Helmet (Elmetto Mod. 33 in Italian) is a steel combat helmet designed in the 1930s in Italy, and was the standard combat helmet of the Regio Esercito up to World War II, and of the Esercito Italiano well into the Cold War. Designed by Nicola Leszl for the Mussolini Government, these have become extremely hard to find on the collectors market today, especially WWII examples that have not been refurbished.

As these were still in production well after the war, it should be noted that after the war, design changes were made that make it possible to identify an example made in WWII or prior. The characteristics only found on these earlier helmets are:

- Metal Grommets around Liner Drawstring with Z-stitch in rear
- Rectangular chin strap bales (post war were trapezoidal)
- Tan Leather liner with Orange felt padding (post war has yellow leather and felt)
- Leather Grey-Green chin strap (post war was canvas)
- Liner Mounting Ring is Rectangular (post war was trapezoidal)
- Small vent holes with flattened tops

This example is in very good condition, however it is missing some of the characteristics it should have, so we believe it was refurbished post war. It has a liner that definitely looks WWII, but it does not have the grommets that it should. Also the vent holes / rivets were definitely recently replaced.  However the rest of the characteristics all match.

The liner and chin strap are in good condition, though they do show wear from age and use. The leather of the liner has cracked in parts, and is definitely in a delicate condition. It is stamped 57 on the right side, indicating the size of the helmet in cm. There do not appear to be any other markings on the liner or chin strap.

The shell is really in choice condition, with most of the paint intact, however it has definitely been repainted at some point. Removed rust pitting can be seen under the paint. There are not any major dents that we can see. The rear of the helmet near the edge is stamped with production code P60, which we have unfortunately not been able to identify.

The front of the helmet has a very nice "Flaming Bomb" emblem, which is the Italian Army insignia for Dragoon Cavalry regiments. The 3 inside the bomb indicates the Regiment "Savoia Cavalleria" (3rd Dragoons). This insignia was post war applied.

A very nice example of the Italian M33 helmet from WWII, refurbished post wary and ready to display!

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