Original WWII Italian Beretta MP38A Display SMG with Ventilated Barrel Jacket, Live Barrel & Receiver Sections

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is definitely a unique offering, and not something that we have had in quite some time. In the past we had these available as display guns, with a complete dummy receiver. This however is a display gun constructed with portions of a BATF approved de-militarized receiver. It is missing the front portion with the magazine housing and barrel bushing, as well as the rear portion and butt cap.

These have been attached to an original stock, along with the original ventilated barrel jacket and live barrel. The barrel jacket does not have the lug for a bayonet, and the stock has no inlet for one, as this is later production model. It has a non-working trigger group on the stock as well, the front barrel band and swivel, and rear butt stock with a butt well for the oiler. 

The receiver section present still has most of the original markings:


Unfortunately the cut has destroyed the last two numbers of the date, so we do not know what year it was, and the end section is not included, so we do not know what the serial number was.

The barrel is marked 1807 CAL 9 on the ring by the threads, and as far as we can tell, it has not been deactivated in any way. The chamber and areas around the breech are not damaged, and it still has clear rifling visible.

Comes with a cut-down magazine shell inserted into the magazine slot, and also has a non-original sling, which is still however quite old. Though Italian manufactured by Beretta, these fantastic SMGs were used in great numbers by the German Wehrmacht throughout WWII.

Definitely an offering we do not expect to have again any time soon! Ready to display!

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