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Original WWII Italian Beretta MP38/44 SMG with Smooth Barrel

Item Description

Original Item: Constructed from our original parts sets on machined solid steel dummy receivers these make perfect display pieces. Although having 90% original parts, these display guns have solid steel receivers and are non-firing. These are totally legal to own without any type of license.

Italian made and used in great numbers by German Military units throughout WWII.

Comes with a 25rd UZI magazine to complete the look. (where permitted, otherwise magazine shell is sent)

The MAB 38 (Moschetto Automatico Beretta Modello 1938), Modello 38, or Model 38 and its variants were a series of official submachine guns of the Royal Italian Army introduced in 1938 and used during World War II. The guns were also used by the German, Romanian, and Argentine armies of the time.

The Model 38/44 was a minor revision of the 38/43, in which the bolt was simplified and a large-diameter recoil spring used in place of the operating spring guide. It also eliminated the fluting to save time and increase production. The 38/44 was also adopted by the German army as the MP.739. A variant of the Model 38/44 was fitted with an MP40-style under-folding stock as the Model 1.

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