Original WWII Imperial Japanese Military Brass Bugle with Marked Mouthpiece

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a genuine Japanese Military Bugle from the WWII period. You can identify it as such by the style of the bugle, the post war Japanese-marked mouthpiece, and the large clamp that secures the tuning slide/lead pipe into the instrument. Bugle is in overall good condition and playable but does have some dings and dents. The wing nut that normally tightens this clamp is unfortunately missing as well, but could be replaced.

The bugle features all brass construction, with a two piece brazed bell with a bell garland. Mouthpiece appears to be solid nickel silver, as opposed to brass with a bakelite cup as often seen, and has a post war “Made in Japan” marking, meaning it was imported sometime after 1952. Tuning slide/lead pipe is still movable, and chain securing the mouthpiece to the bugle is no present. A very rare piece from the Empire of the Rising Sun.

The branch of the military would normally be identified by a sash with tassels attached to the bugle by the two large inner rings, red for Army as an example. Further identifying this as a WWII period piece, as opposed to modern day, is the lack of a condensation valve on the front edge.

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