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Original WWII Imperial Japanese Army Rikugun-Shōi Officer (2nd Lieutenant) Parade Dress Uniform with Cap

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is an beautiful excellent condition Imperial Japanese Army Complete Officer Dress Uniform, one of the few that we have managed to obtain in our many years in business. These are quite a bit harder to come by than the service uniforms, as in general they were only able to be acquired post war during the occupation, and they were much more likely to be retained by the owner. This set looks to be for a Junior officer, most likely a Rikugun-Shōi (陸軍少尉), equivalent to a Second Lieutenant.

Included in the set are the following:

- A M1894 type full dress frock coat by S. KOZIMA, as indicated on the tailor label. The black wool, three-quarter length coat has a double-breasted front closure leading to a stand-up collar fastened by dual hooks and eyes. The 50mm tall collar is faced in red wool, against which is sewn a decorative, gold bullion border. Dual wool loops are sewn to each shoulder, and attached to these are a lovely pair of officers full dress shoulder boards, which are 140mm long, 40mm wide, and approximately 20mm thick. They are both comprised of dual interwoven cords in gold wire with a decorative, golden-colored convex alloy button. The left side has a single silver-colored alloy, five-pointed star affixed to its center, while the right side star is missing. The original metal attachment slides are intact.

Each of the seven, highly convex, 24mm diameter brass buttons to either side of the front closure have a five-lobed cherry blossom embossed to their obverses. A vertical support loop for the sword is to the left hip, which is fastened at its top by a 15mm diameter version of the buttons seen to either side of the front closure. Three  identical 15mm cherry blossom buttons are sewn to each cuff, which are complete with their red wool faces and decorative gilt wire tress, which forms a looped design that runs up the outer side of the sleeves. This is the indicator of rank, which starts with a single row of gold "Russia braid" for Rikugun-Shōi (陸軍少尉 - 2nd Lt.). Each higher rank gains another row, so the sleeves of higher ranked officers were extremely decorative.

A tail shirt vent rises from the base of the reverse, to either side of which are three buttons identical to those on either side of the front closure. To the tail skirt vent, to either side of it, along the edges of the sword support strap, and along either edge of the front closure, is decorative red piping. The interior is fully lined in black cotton/silk, but for its sleeves, which are lined in striped blue rayon. There are horizontal slash pockets in the lining on both sides of the chest. The coat is in excellent condition, and would be very hard to improve upon.

- A lovely pair of officer's dress trousers, with fire blued buttons and rear buckle. The buttons are all marked Prima, and some do shoe some oxidation due to age. There is a bit of light mothing in areas, however it is only minor, and the colors are definitely still very vibrant on this great set of pants. 

- Red and white striped faux silk rayon service sash / belt with red tassel ends, in very good condition. There is a bit of fraying on the keeper loop, which has also partly torn through. The buckle is a sliding type and still works great.

- Dress cap with three bands of gold "Russia Braid" trim at the bottom, which we have seen attributed variously to Major, Lt. Col. and Captain ranked officers. If it goes by the same way that the sleeve insignia do, this should be for a Captain, but it could also be for a Lieutenant, if the first row of piping is "standard". It features a patent leather style visor and chinstrap. Complete black silk lining with the gold stamped Japanese hiragana characters の み や (NO YA MI). This is most likely intended to be read right to left, so it would be Miyano (宮野), a Japanese surname. It is in very good condition, and comes complete with the red and white feature plume that slides into the front badge.

This is a lovely rare set offered in very good condition. All it needs is some medals and maybe a set of boots and gloves to complete it!

Approximate Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 9"
Shoulder to sleeve: 22”
Shoulder to shoulder: 15”
Chest width: 19"
Waist width: 19.5"
Hip width: 24"
Front length: 32.5"

Waist: 14.5"
Inseam: 25"

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