Original WWII Imperial Japanese 1944 Dated Type 99 Display Light Machine Gun with Optical Sight

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Japanese machine guns very rarely show up for sale, so we are especially proud to offer this fantastic BATF approved non-firing original example.

This is an excellent example of a very desirable WWII Japanese Type 99 LMG. This model was developed in 1939 as a replacement for the Type 96 LMG and fired the new, heavier 7.7mm Japanese cartridge. These weapons proved to be very successful throughout the war by all the Japanese forces and were used on all the Japanese held islands and mainland China. They are very similar in appearance to the British Bren gun in that they have a top mounted curved box magazine, a forward mounted folding bipod, and a new quick change, finned barrel that featured a top mounted carrying handle. These were a well made machine gun that featured all machined parts with a hard wood buttstock and pistol grip.

This excellent example is marked on the receiver with the arsenal markings for Kokura Arsenal next to 九 九 式. Kyuu (九) is Japanese for number 9, and shiki (式) is the word for type, so it reads 99 Type. Under this is is marked with serial number 14190 and date 昭 19.6. This would be read as Showa Era year 19, 6th month, or June 1944.

This excellent example is complete with an original WWII Japanese fixed 2.5 power optical scope that mounts directly on top of the receiver. The scope features a range finding reticle and is marked on top 2.5 X 13° / (Maker Mark) / No. 2636 / J.E.S.

This GI WW2 bring back Type 99 has been correctly demilled to BATF specs, with the original receiver having been completely severed by torch cut. Additionally the back 4 inches of the right side plate has been completely removed and is not included. The receiver has not been welded back together, and remains severed, but it is held together for display purposes by the lower trigger frame, releasing the side lever allows the receiver to come fully apart. This machine gun cannot be converted to fire.

Very fine as deactivated with 95% of a blue/black finish overall. The butt stock and pistol grip are both original in very good condition with their nice original color with light pressure dents and gouges from actual field use. The scope is also excellent with 95% of its original black painted and brass finish with clear optics, the eye cup is excellent. The only part that is not original to the gun (aside from the 3" section of the receiver) is the magazine but were able to adapt a German MG13 Magazine to fit.

The Type 99 was probably the most successful Japanese Army machine gun of the Second World War. It looks like and was used like the famous British Bren gun, including the top-mounted magazine, a folding bipod, and a quick-change barrel. Unlike the Bren gun, however, the Type 99 was equipped with a mount for the standard Japanese rifle bayonet.

This is a very rare and desirable machine gun as not many were brought back by returning GIs as it is a heavy bulky weapon. A very nice example of one the primary WWII Japanese light machine guns.

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