Original WWII IJA Japanese Enlistedman’s Arctic Combat Uniform and Gear Display on Mannequin

Item Description

Original Items: Only Ones Available. This is an excellent museum quality WWII Imperial Japanese Officer Tropical Battle Uniform Grouping. As worn by Japanese troops in the Manchurian/North China, and Aleutian Campaigns!

The following items comprise this rare set:
- Original Japanese WWII Japanese Issue Arctic Fur lined Greatcoat with removable arms. Coat comes with cuffs lined with fur trim with fur collar. Each sleeve has affixed a Superior Private’s rank device. In very good condition, showing evidence of the fur shedding slightly
- Original Japanese WWII Identification Tag (aka “Dog Tag”) on original neck cord
- Original Japanese WWII Enlisted Winter Cap with fur lining and fur trim. Compete with IJA Star on the front, and original chinstrap ties. Virtually unissued condition!
- Original Japanese WWII Arctic Wool Trigger Finger Mittens
Original Japanese WWII Enlistedman’s Wool Winterweight Breeches
Original Japanese WWII Enlisted Hobnailed Boots. Some Hobnails missing.
Original Japanese WWII Arctic Heavy Felt/ Fur Lined Leggings.
Original Japanese WWII water bottle with carry strap, and rare arctic fur lined cover.
Original Japanese WWII Gas Mask with Bag.
Original Japanese WWII Haversack.
Display Mannequin

Overall, a fantastic set which can be displayed “as is”, or have additional items added to enhance the display!

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