Original WWII German Shoe Mine 1942 Schu-mine 42 USGI Italian Campaign Bring Back

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally original WWII German produced inert Schützenmine 42. It measures approximately 5" x 4" x 3". What makes it particualry interesting is what is found inside the mine. A glass bottle which has a paper label taped to the screw cap that reads: Dirt From Mt. Veus Italy. Also inside the box are four smooth ocean stones and a note reads: Shoemine box Italy and a name. Clearly this was a USGI bring back, a memento of his time fighting the Germans during the U.S. invasion of Italy during Wolrd War Two.

The Schu-mine 42 (Shoe-mine), also known as the Schützenmine 42, was a German anti-personnel mine used during the Second World War. It consisted of a simple wooden box with a hinged lid containing a 200-gram (7.1 oz) block of cast TNT and a ZZ-42 type detonator. A slot in the lid pressed down on the striker retaining pin, sufficient pressure on the lid caused the pin to move, releasing the striker which triggered the detonator.

The mine was cheap to produce and deployed in large numbers. As an early example of a minimum metal mine, it was difficult to detect with early metal detectors - the only metal present was a small amount in the mine's detonator. During the Normandy Campaign the British resorted to using explosive detection dogs to find them.

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