Original WWII German Miniature 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger by SMF

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This SMF produced miniature Luftwaffe Dagger is a fine example looking like the large counterpart on the hilt section but the scabbards on these pieces are a flat type still having the same detail as the big ones.

The hilt mounts are of all aluminum construction. The pommel features the oak leaves which go around both sides of it and in the center there is a raised out mobile swas within a circle on each side. The crossguard features a Luftwaffe eagle flying to the viewer’s left. The bird clutches a mobile swas in his talons. The detail throughout the bird’s features is outstanding. The reverse of the crossguard has a panel featuring pebbling. Much of the original factory darkening is still in the panel. The ferrule for this dagger is the same as the large type featuring oak leaves positioned on a forty-five degree angle going around the entire surface. The grip is a celluloid type having ribs which run downward from left to right. The grip is tightly wrapped with twisted brass wire. This fine grip is a dark pumpkin orange and remains in excellent condition.

The flat style scabbard has pebbled panels on both sides ending with a panel featuring oak leaves at the bottom. The chape is the style which is sectioned into three different pieces. The bands feature oak leaves and are fitted with carrying rings. The throat is built into the scabbard. The scabbard is an airplane gray color in excellent condition.

The blade is a high quality nickel-plated in mint condition. This blade is mirror bright with needlelike tip. On the obverse there is an advertisement etched into the surface. It is etched with the firm’s name, SCHOELLER - BLECKMANN - PHOENIX - EDELSTAHL deeply stamped in block letters. The reverse of the blade is etched with the seated king trademark positioned over the firm’s initials, SMF and the location city of Solingen. Beneath this are the letter stamping indicating that SMF had a patent on this design, D.R.G.M. The original blue leather pebbled washer is in place.

A near mint 3/4 size miniature, measuring overall about 9.5 inches in overall length.

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