Original WWII German Miniature 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger by E. & F. Hörster with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice example of a "Miniature" 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger, which have been observed from several different makers. It is a fine Solingen-Produced example made by the well-known Solingen-based firm of E. & F. Hörster. Often referred to as "salesman samples", there is definitely debate over the purpose of these miniature daggers, which are quite useful as letter openers as well. They are constructed much as the full size daggers, but the idea of a miniature dagger to be used as a sample by sales staff seems somewhat suspect, as the real thing isn't excessively large.

The celluloid grip of this miniature dagger has faded to a deep pumpkin orange, and remains in good condition throughout, with the original wrapping still present. There is a bit of cracking near the pommel fitting. The hilt mounts look to plated alloy, and we do not see any evidence that aluminum was used, as would have been on the full size dagger. The crossguard has the iconic Luftwaffe eagle perched on a swas (hook cross), with the bird looking to the left, with the rear side pebbled.

The blade of this miniature dagger is marked with maker name E. & F. HÖRSTER / SOLINGEN on the blade flat. E. & F. Hörster & Co Gmbh, is a well-known maker from Solingen, the famous "City of Blades" in Western Germany, which marketed many fine edged weapons. Originally founded in 1850 as "Friedrich Hörster" in 1850, the company was renamed to E. & F. Hörster in 1870 at the behest of Friedrich Emil & Fritz Hörster. The firm lasted long after WWII, finally being declared insolvent in 1996. For more information please see GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS by J. Anthony Carter.

The blade itself is nickel plated, and still in very good condition, with some scratching and scuffing to the finish. There are just a few specks of oxidation in areas. The scabbard for this miniature dagger looks to be a single piece of cast alloy, then plated. It replicates the look of the full size scabbard, but is made from only one piece.

A very interesting miniature 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger, made by a well-known Solingen maker. Ready to add to your collection!

Blade Length: 5"
Overall length: 7 1/2”
Crossguard: 1 3/8”
Scabbard Length: 5 1/2”

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