Original WWII German MG 34 Display Machine Gun - dot 1943 with Anti-Aircraft Mount

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. This is a fine collector grade original WWII issue MG34 display machine gun. Multiple German markings such as manufacturer code dot with multiple waffen amts, dated 1943 and with serial number 2179 on barrel jacket make this a one a quality example of the most prolific German issued Light Machine gun of WW2.

Using nearly all-original WWII parts this weapon has been rebuilt on a BATF approved re-welded de-milled receiver without internal parts that has been replaced with solid steel bar-stock.

Complete with impressive ventilated barrel jacket retaining almost all of the original blue/black finish and original unaltered barrel. Included are an early adjustable bipod with central control knob and an original wood butt stock in near perfect condition with a beautiful waffen amt marking. Display gun comes complete with an original German WWII made ammunition belt drum.

The most interesting and impressive aspect of this display is the Antiaircraft mount; this AA mount is genuine WWII manufacture and was imported after the war from Portugal, an ally of the Germans, who purchased multiple munitions from Berlin during the war. This music stand tripod is offered in very good condition, is all original and gives the collector the added benefit of getting the gun off the ground for easy enjoyment. The tripod height is adjustable and stands anywhere from 4 feet to 7.5 feet high!

This is one of the very last display MG 34 LMGs we will be able to offer and is will be a centerpiece of nearly any collection.

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