Original WWII German 2nd Model Naval Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This sleeper example of an original WWII German 2nd Model Naval Dagger by Carl Eickhorn. It is a genuine USGI bring back, brought back as a war trophy by James W. Royle serial No 42188903.

This 2nd Model Naval Dagger was probably purchased by a high ranking officer early in the period as the pommel is a 1938 changeover type. It has very deeply inset wings and an impressive vault wreath. The details to this bird are also choice, with a striking eye, beak and breast. The crossguard is a standard Eickhorn type.

The grip is in nice solid condition with no cracks or imperfections. The brass wire is in excellent condition and has trapped a lot of reside around it, imparting a fine look.

Wrapped about the hilt is the original-to-the-piece silver bullion portepee. This portepee was a beauty, tied in a double reef knot. There are flaws and some fraying by the cross-guard but it isn't too bad. The slide and stem have the usual braided V design and the bullion ball is constructed of silver yarn-like material. The insert has the cat's anus style stuffing.

The lightning bolt scabbard is straight and shows a hand wear, but that is to be expected as this dagger was worn throughout the period. The scabbard is stamped with well-defined palmettes around the bands and lightning bolts, ermine feet and acanthus leaves down to the chape. The bands feature overlapping oak leaves and acorns. The rings are the triple serrated type and also show some wear. The throat is retained by two dome head screws.

The blade is an extremely nice example, with a high quality nickel-plated finish and an excellent fouled anchor etch. The etch is beautiful, retaining 100% of the frosted backgrounds. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark, and the original tan felt blade buffer is in place. The only drawbakc is that the tip of the blade has been chipped.

Overall a nice true example brought back as a war trophy and purchased directly from a veterans family!

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