Original WWII German 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger by SMF with Hangers

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. If you have been holding out for one of the best 2nd Model Luftwaffe Daggers for your collection you should take a close look at this dagger; it is a real beauty from a high quality maker.

The pommel is the classic SMF type. This pommel has perfect oak leaves around the 100% gilded swass on both sides. These oak leaves have fine hand work in the areas where they meet the center ridge of the pommel.

The crossguard is also classic SMF. The fine guard eagle flies to the viewer’s left and retains very fine detail to his feathering, talons and swas. The reverse panel retains nearly 90% of the original airplane gray darkening over the pebbled surface. The upper quillon arms have a panel of finely engraved oak leaves and acorns.

The grip of this dagger is choice shade of tangerine orange with a deepening to pumpkin at the upper part. It is in wonderful condition with a small surface chip on the reverse and tightly wrapped with springy aluminum wire.

The scabbard is textbook SMF, with the airplane gray finish intact on the surface. The pebbled panels are nice and crisp. The carrying bands are the contrasting aluminum types only seen on pieces from SMF. The scabbard throat is in natural metal, retained by a pair of headless side screws.

Attached to the scabbard is the original set of hanging straps. These straps are bright in both the brocade and the reverse velvet. The hardware consists of a plain, unmarked snap clip with matching gray rectangular buckles and slides decorated with oak leaves. The snaps are the push-in type and also bright with 90% finish remaining. The belt hanging hook as broken away and been lost.

The blade of this dagger is a real beauty, with a highest quality nickel-plated finish. It is very bright with spots of minor discoloration, a mirror bright surface, and a needle-like tip. The reverse ricasso is deeply stamped with a stickbird waffenamt marked 5 in his belly. Below the waffenamt is the classic SMF Seated King trademark.

This is an very nice 2nd Model Luftwaffe with all the whistles and bells. If you are looking for a piece from a top maker that would be difficult to upgrade we suggest that you look no further.

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