Original WWII German 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger by Puma

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This Puma example is quite attractive, with very fine mounts. The pommel has excellent dark backgrounds, pebbled next to the overlapping oak leaves. The swass are nicely vaulted on both sides and still have their original coating throughout the legs.

The matching crossguard features the usual eagle, flying to the left. The detailing throughout this bird remains exceptional throughout. The quillon arms are the style that are cast in and are the WKC style. The pebbled background is in crisp, choice condition.

The grip of this dagger is a fine, deep orange pumpkin example that is is very good condition. It is tightly wrapped with springy aluminum wire.

The scabbard is straight as an arrow and retains all of the original airplane gray finish. The bands are nicely detailed with a pattern of oak leaves, and the throat is retained by a pair of dome head screws. This scabbard is in very good condition throughout.

The blade of this dagger is still nice, having a needle-like tip and still being quite bright. The reverse is marked with the famous Puma Cat Head logo. The original brown leather blade washer is in place.

A wonderful genuine World War Two example from a well known maker.

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