Original WWII German 1940-Dated Ammunition Can for Captured Bofors 37mm Anti-Tank Gun

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This Olive Drab Ammunition Can is marked in off white paint: 37 mm kan. m/34 and is embossed SAMEFA / 40 for 1940. Research indicates that this can carries ammunition for the Bofors 37 mm anti-tank gun, manufactured for export by Sweden, where it is called the 37 mm infanterikanon m/34. These were in use by many countries in Europe during WWII, including Sweden, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands, and several others. They were also put into use by Germany and Soviet Russia alike when they were captured from the enemy. Samefa AB is a Swedish Company, who apparently manufactured these ammo cases for the export business.

Measuring 16" X 12" X 3" the interior is braced to accept just FIVE rounds of this Cannon Ammunition. Complete with substantial wire Carry Handles this Can is In excellent condition. The bottom of the can has interlocking metal loops that allow it to be locked in the open position with the appropriate steel rod. Most likely this was for attacking the case to the cannon carriage.

Definitely an interesting piece, worthy of further research. Ready to display!

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