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Original WWII Ethiopian Army Officer's Sword of Emperor Haile Selassie - Italian Invasion Era

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Original Item. One of a Kind. Known in the Bible as the land of The Queen of SHEBA, who traveled to the Jerusalem of KING DAVID and by him conceived a SON who founded the Royal House of Ethiopia as KING MENELIK THE FIRST. It's all in the Good Book.

Ethiopia has long been a haven for Jews and it is said to be today's resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, if that is really the case then INDIANA JONES really was digging in the wrong place!

The WWII Emperor HAILE SELASSIE was the 225th descendant from MENELIK THE FIRST of the Bible, and during his reign Ethiopia was invaded by BENITO MUSSOLINI'S Fascist armies. Due to the primitive nature of existence in that old Biblical Country, they quickly overcame the Ethiopian population with great slaughter.

Ethiopia stood alone without any help from the Allies initially, but when the AXIS POWERS were defeated HAILE SELASSIE returned to his throne. He was finally deposed in 1974 ending what may have been a three thousand year old dynasty.

Our Sword is classic, with a nickel silver single bar guard heavily marked with THE LION OF JUDAH bearing a flag over it's shoulder on one side. The other side bears the initials N.H. & FILS, almost certainly the French Military Contractor who made these swords. The curved 32 1/2" blade is heavily etched for almost its full length on both sides. The grip is fluted wood, which may have had a leather covering and silver binding wire originally. The current scabbard is OLD but not original as it is clearly Native made from hand laced dry puckered leather. The sword is in very good condition considering the terrible events that took place during its Military existence, and the scabbard is old and novel.

A very rare ETHIOPIAN Army Officer's Sword from the time of MUSSOLINI'S invasion, ready to display!

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