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Original WWII EG Waterman EGW Wood Grip Survival Knife with Leather Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available.  Offered in very nice condition this genuine E.G. Waterman Company of New York City produced WWII survival knife. These knives were very popular among USGIs during WW2 due to their versatility. While not official U.S. issue, private purchase knives were extremely common. Multiple variations were made with both wood and leather handles (see page 165 of U.S. Military Knives Collector's Guide By Silvey & Boyd). Overall length of the knife is 10 1/2 inches, with a 6 1/4 inch drop point sawback blade, complete with a cap lifter. The ricasso is factory-stamped  with the classic up-side down marking, though it is mostly worn off:



These fighting knives were popular with the troops during the war and most purchased knives were used as intended - in camps, trenches, and in combat. EGW's high carbon steel blades kept a good edge but were prone to rust; relatively few survived the War in presentable condition such as this.

This knife has definitely been used, and most likely saw use after the war. It has been sharpened multiple times, so the blade shape is somewhat reduced. The blade is rust-free; the tip is intact though slightly worn. The lower edge of the hollow ground blade is where the blade is reduced the most due to sharpening. Ribbed wooden handle, with some cracking due to age. The leather washers at the end are in good condition, and the grip is tight on the knife. Pommel ring and cap are also tight,with a bit of rust damage.

The leather scabbard appears original, and the leather is in good shape, though somewhat stiff from age. The snap is functional, though the retaining strap is somewhat delicate.

Overall a great used example of a quality private purchase survival knife.

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