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Original WWII Czech ZB vz. 26 & 30 LMG Sustained Fire Set

Item Description

Original Item: This equipment, issued in WWII, allowed ZB LMGs to be preset for overlapping fields of fire or to be preset for firing at night into a specific sector. The set consists of an arched range scale bar, a butt monopod with fine-scale vertical adjustment for the gun, and four securing stakes. The range scale bar is provided with graduations to the left and right of center and has two chained stop pins to define the limits of horizontal movement of the gun.

Offered in excellent condition, each set comes complete as described.

NOTE: This will work with variants of the Czech ZB vz. 26 machine gun (30, 30J, etc) that have a mounting hole in the butt stock for the rear monopod. If there is no hole in the butt stock, it will not work with your ZB.

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