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Original WWII Cossack WWII Model 1910 Papakha Fur Hat

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Item Description

Original Item: One Only. The Cossacks in the Ukraine in WW2 were a divided nation. Some did fight for the Soviet Union in Stalin's Red Army, however huge numbers especially those near the Don River chose to join Hitler's German Army to help liberate themselves from the Soviet yoke.

Here we have an original WW2 era fully lined fur "PAPAKHA" hat complete with red tasseled side bag hanging to the right side, Hussar style. The fur may be Astrakhan, usually known because of it's very tight curl as Persian Lamb. The war ended with the "Don Cossacks" on the wrong side and Stalin then proceeded to exterminate all he could lay his hands on. A black period with which to close World War Two.

In really nice condition, no evidence of a chin strap, though it appears to have had one previously. There are some markings inside the  cap, but we have not been able to decipher them. Ready to display.

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