Original WWII Civil War Era Service Worn U.S. Navy Model 1852 Officer's Sword

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. This is a very nice service-worn example of the U.S. Navy Model 1852 Dress sword, fitted with a very nice 29 inch long blade, with a single thin fuller near the spine. Originally, this would have had quite a bit of etching and engraving on the first 2/3 of the blade, however this sword saw extensive service and possibly use. This has resulted in almost all of the etching being worn or rusted away. Traces can definitely be seen in areas, but very little is readily identifiable.

The sword measures 34 1/2 inches overall, and has unfortunately lost the leather scabbard it was originally issued with. It's very possible that the scabbard was left on the blade and deteriorated, leading to further rusting of the blade.

The sword's hand guard is elaborately molded again with a sea serpent as part of the bow. The grip looks to have been re-bound with early synthetic material, and is brass wire bound. The part basket is embossed Oak leaves and acorns and displays the letters U.S.N.. The pommel shows an eagle surrounded by 13 Stars. All the brass mounts were originally gold washed or plated and much is still evident after maybe 160/170 years.

In very nice condition this started life as an exceptional Naval Officer's Sword. Ready to display!

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