Original WWII Chinese National Revolutionary Army Officer Dagger with Replacement Scabbard - Kuomintang

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a rare example of the type of dress dagger that was approved for wear by officers of the Chinese National Revolutionary Army (國民革命軍) at the time of the Sino-Japanese war of 1937-1945. Often abbreviated as the NRA, the group was the military arm of the Kuomintang (KMT, or the Chinese Nationalist Party) from 1925 until 1947.

These officer's daggers were both finely and crudely made, with a great deal of variation apparent among surviving examples. This example is one of the finer variety, and measures approximately 15" with the scabbard on. Unfortunately the scabbard is not the original one, which would usually be brass fit plated steel, with motifs matching the handle. This example is fitted in a replacement scabbard, made from leather covered steel, with a nickel end fitting. It does fit well, but definitely lacks the appeal of the original.

Unsheathed, the dagger is 15" long with a 10 1/8" nickel-plated steel blade, magnetic, with dull edges. The plating is retained very well, with only a bit missing near the tip and on the edges, and a few spots of oxidation. Overall it is very good and shiny, with just a tiny bit of tip damage. There is dried grease on the blade, which gives it a mottled look in the pictures, but that could be removed.

The plated brass crossguard sits tight against the adjoining ferrule, though it does have a bit of wobble. The handle is fabricated with a ray skin grip, with 7 triple wire wrappings, with decorative brass panels on each side, which come together at the pommel. These show multiple Chinese plum blossoms, a motif which is repeated on the pommel. 

Overall a nice condition rare WWII Chinese Army Officer Dagger, with a replaced scabbard. Ready to display!

Blade Length: 10 1/8"
Blade Style: Double Edge Spear Point.
Overall length: 15“
Crossguard: 2 1/4”
Scabbard Length: 10 3/8"

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