Original WWII Burmese Dha Sword with Wooden Scabbard - British Soldier Bring Back

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. For several centuries the DHA sword was the traditional guardless sword of Burma, which we now know as Myanmar, a country that has effectively been closed to the outside world since the 1960's. Taken over in the reign of Queen Victoria, Burma stayed inside the British Empire until Independence in 1948. During WW2 the British fought a Guerilla War in the country against the Japanese. The legendary fictional movie "THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI " was set in WWII Burma, and gave a good impression of what jungle warfare was really like.

The DHA sword we offer here was brought back by a British Soldier returning from Burma after WW2. It is very plain, having a 19" slightly curved blade showing only the blade smith's 4/3/2/1 crescent moon maker's mark. The 10 1/2" hilt is made of wood, bound with a woven plant fiber cord. It has decorated Silver fittings at the pommel and where the hilt joins the blade. There is no Cross Guard. The weapon is housed in its plain wooden scabbard, also cord bound with a silver fitting at the bottom end. Overall length in scabbard is 31 inches.

Apparently a Souvenir from his Wartime experiences this particular DHA most likely saw genuine action impelling the Soldier to take it home with him.

Blade shows use and some pitting, clearly the genuine article, ready to display.
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