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Original WWII British Inert 2 Inch Mortar Baseplate with Replica Tube & U.S. M15 Grenade Sight

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Original Item with Replica Parts. Only One Available. This is a very nice put-together display piece including the baseplate for a British 2 inch mortar with a reproduction tuber fabricated and placed onto the plate, with an original U.S. M15 Grenade sight attached to the tube. The set was put together to mimic an original British WWII Mortar.

The mortar in total is 33½” long. The baseplate is serial numbered 7238895, and has no other markings. The tube has a large hole cut and a bar placed inside, which would be done in order to make a mortar inert if it were real. This was likely done to make it appear as genuine as possible and to keep it under regulation.

The sight is marked SIGHT, GRENADE LAUNCHER, M15 with an N in a diamond for the maker. It appears to be in working order and the level has fluid. Attached to the sight is a replica Colt M1911 Pistol lanyard. All the pieces together really give it a WWII look, even if most of the parts are not WWII.

A very nice display piece with replica parts, ready for further research and display.

The Ordnance ML 2-inch Mortar Mk II

The Ordnance ML 2-inch Mortar Mk II was an infantry-based, squad-level mortar weapon system standardized throughout the British Army beginning in 1938 - prior to the nation's formal involvement in World War 2. The type was portable and highly reliable, able to contend with the rigors of the battlefield while also supplying a breath of ammunition options. The ML served the British Army well throughout the Cold War years that followed before it was formally replaced, its long-standing history becoming a testament to its well-executed design."

While the British utilized a 2-inch squad-level system in the latter stages of World War 1, the type was labeled as obsolete following the end of the war and little thought was given to introducing a new, more modern portable light mortar system until unfolding events in Europe brought about the requirement. British authorities looked outside of their war industry to find a foreign product worthy of the Army and selected a 2-in mortar design from ECIA of Spain. After a period of evaluation and testing, the British Army unveiled the new "Ordnance ML (Muzzle Loading) 2-inch Mortar" into inventory with serial production beginning in 1938 under the Mk II designation.'

At its core, the Ordnance ML 2-inch Mortar was of a conventional design and arrangement. The design was naturally characterized by its launch tube of near-20 inch length which also held the applicable sighting and control facilities. The system lacked a true bipod stand and was supported instead by the operator through use of a small monopod leg fitted at the base of the design as well as a baseplate assembly to help handle recoil of the exiting projectile. As a muzzle-loading weapon, the mortar was fed active 50mm projectiles down the open muzzle end by the loader. Unique to the ML's design was its trigger lever which allowed the firer the ability to launch the projectile inside the tube at his discretion. Conventional mortars of the time automatically actuated the projectile by the projectile contacting an awaiting firing pin located at the bottom of the launch tube. In all, the mortar system weighed in at just 9lbs.

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