Original WWI & WWII Bayonet & Knife Edged Weapon Collection - 5 Pieces

Item Description

Original Item: One Set of 5 Available. We just received these out of an old collection, untouched for years. As with any collection, there were some items that stood out, and others that were purchased as "projects", either due to condition, or because they were in want of a scabbard. All of these are original items from the first half of the 20th century, and are in good condition. All are offered as shown, some with scabbards and some without.

This set consists of five different bayonets and knives, which we have tried to identify correctly, but cannot guarantee that we have:

- One Soviet Russian WWII Spike Bayonet for the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 Rifle. Measures 19 3/4" with a 17" blade

- One French WWI Lebel M.1886/93/16 Brass Handle Cruciform Shortened Épée Bayonet. Features a 13 1/2 inch blade with an overall length of 18 1/4".

- One German WWI Ersatz Bayonet for Mauser Rifles with a Steel Handle and Scabbard. Measures 17 1/4" with a 12 1/4" blade.

- One U.S. WWII Private Purchase U.S.N. Mark 1 Style fighting knife by Imperial Cutlery with a stacked leather handle and tortoiseshell plastic spacers. Measures 10" long with a 5 1/4" blade and comes with a damaged leather sheath.

- One British WWII Spike Bayonet for the No.4 Enfield Rifle with damaged scabbard.

This is a great chance to pick up some nice bayonets at a very attractive price. Ready to research and add to your collection, or maybe to help you start one!

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