Original WWI U.S. 1917 Pattern Snyder 155mm Artillery Howitzer Manufactured in Spain

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. Well this has to be one of the most impressive Display items from the WWI era you'll ever encounter. A complete Artillery Short Barreled Howitzer, as used by the Allies on the Western Front, and even adopted by the U.S. as the cutting technology of the time. Complete with it's original Wood Spoke "Battlefield" wheels and it's smaller removable hard rubber road wheels, it's characteristic 'Curved" large Splinter Shield favored by the Europeans and the often missing, large traversing lever and detachable cartridge shell chute.

Marked with a VERY low serial # 298, and ARTILLERIA FABRICA DE TRUBIA, 155mm and bearing the date "1917" it appears this was actually made in Spain for the Allied efforts on the Western Front.

Found years ago in a Military Scrap yard it has been restored to Museum finish and rendered INERT, per US LAW before Importation into the United States. Photographs showing the de-milled parts are available as well as those after the cosmetic restoration has taken place,

painted today in an Olive Green these were often heavily camouflaged when in service. Cut rear load area (pictured) has since been patched/filled to appear functional!

Measuring 23' 6'' in Length, 6'6" width, and over 9' in height, each Wood Spoke wheel measures 50" in height. This item is very impressive and heavy, approximately 10,000 lbs (to be confirmed). The manikin pictured stands over 6? (2 meters). Amazing!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to add a WW1 era Howitzer to your Museum Grade Collection. Weapon to be displayed on Jack Stands (as shown in the photographic illustrations) as the 90-year-old wood wheels could not support the weight but look great slightly elevated.
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