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Original WWI Swiss Model 1914 Pioneer Sawback Sword Bayonet by Schmidt-Rubin with Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very good example of the Rare Swiss Model 1914 Pioneer Sawback Sword bayonet. This model was in use by Switzerland from 1914 until well into the 1950s, and is considered to be the very last model of bayonet from any Country to make use of a saw back blade.

Based on the Vetterli Saw Back bayonet of 1878, used by both the Swiss and Italians, the steel mounted leather scabbard of the early 1914 production was soon replaced with an all steel scabbard. The bayonet is quite long, being 24 inches in overall length, with a 19 inch long sawback blade. These were intended for use on the 7.5 mm Schmidt-Rubin M1911 carbine and M1931 Short Rifle (K31).

The M1914 has a swell-point blade profile, where the blade is wider at the point than at the ricasso, similar to the German "Butcher" bayonet. The 1914 blade is flat one one side, with the fuller and edge being ground into the other side. Designated Sägebajonett Mod. 1914 (Sawing Bayonet Model 1914), the M1914 was issued to select troops who would have need of the brush-clearing and sawing abilities of the design. For the most part, this included Pioneers/Combat Engineers, but also would include others such as drivers, blacksmiths, and even musicians.

This example is in great condition, with the only real "wear" being from storage and oxidation. The blade has nothing but runner wear and very light staining on the factory ground surfaces, and it has a clear maker mark on the ricasso with HS.

The edge and sawback are excellent, and there are just a few small areas of staining. A beautiful example of the unique "swell-point" shape. There is a Swiss Cross proof mark on the top of the cross guard and serial number 39567. That usually indicates that it was matched to a rifle.

There is more staining and light peppering on the hilt, but nothing major. The grips are excellent with just some tiny indentations in areas, and the latch works perfectly. No issues to speak of. The scabbard, which was originally bright steel, was repainted black at some point, more than likely for later issued use. The paint retained is in lovely condition though there are areas of loss as well as light oxidation and surface rust.

A very good example of a rare bayonet, complete with a steel scabbard and frog, ready to display!


Blade Length: 18 3/4"
Blade Style: Single Edged Swell-point with Fuller & Sawback
Overall length: 23 3/4“
Crossguard: 4”
Scabbard Length: 20"

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