Original WWI Soviet Russian Model 1915 Adrian Helmet

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The French supplied their Russian allies with Adrian helmets during the First World War. These were used following the Russian Civil War by the Soviet Red Army. Produced in France during World War I for the Czar, these helmets were used by the Soviet army in the 1920s, featuring the Communist Red Star.

Also known as the Soviet M28, these helmets that were in service in WWI were repainted and rebadged in the late 1920's, hence the M28. The large star was stamped from a thin piece of brass, this helmet has been known as the "Big Star" to collectors for obvious reasons. These helmets remained in service until 1936.

This fine example features the original leather liner, shell and 1st pattern communist star (which may have been repainted). A very difficult and rare helmet to find in today’s market as very few made their way to the USA for collectors.

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