Original WWI Italian INERT Carbone Hand Grenade - Austrian Zeitzunder Clone

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally inert device and is in compliance with the current BATF guidelines on inert ordnance. This device cannot be rendered live again and be used as an explosive device. Not Available For Export.

This is an extremely rare WWI Italian hand grenade. If it looks familiar to you, it’s because this Carbone type grenade was modeled after the Austrian Zeitzunder grenade, and carries all the same principles and effects as it. Most of these grenades were stamped with Granata Carbone on the top cone, but unfortunately this one does not have that stamping visible.

The grenade consists of two sections, the cast iron casing and attached wire handle, and the screw cap, which contained the ignition system. After removing the “coppiglia di sicurezza” (safety pin, which holds the “fettuccia di strappo” (tear-off tape) safely in place) from its hole in the screw cap, a sharp tug on the tear-off tape would create friction between the chemically-soaked end of the tape within the cap, and the phosphorous head of the miccia (fuse), giving the thrower six seconds before the detonator would explode, followed by the carica (charge).

The grenade is in lovely condition and retains what appears to be most of the original black paint. There is no significant damage that can be found other than a rusty interior.

This is a lovely grenade and is welcomed into any ordnance collection. Comes ready for further research and display!

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