Original WWI Imperial Russian Dragoon Cavalry Cap

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Original Item: Only One Available. A rare Imperial Russian Dragoon NCO Cap of deep blue wool construction with yellow piping. The front bears a brass badge with Cyrillic writing that roughly translates to “For Zeal” and a metal rank cockade. Interior is black cotton lining and a dark leather sweat band. Offered in very good condition, this is the only example we've ever seen!

In 1881 Russian cavalry were re-organized into Dragoon units - a tactical nod to the growing difficulties traditional cavalry had with newer, modernizing infantry and artillery arms. Dragoons were cavalry units that while mounted and able to fulfill traditional cavalry duties, were trained to be able to dismount and fight as foot infantry. These hybrid units, effectively mounted infantry, were ideal at seizing objectives and harassing enemies - a role that the new Russian cavalry excelled in. Russian cavalry would play significant roles in the Russian Civil War, particularly the 1st Cavalry Army of the Bolsheviks, the ‘’Red Horse Army’’ that would keep Imperial Forces from Moscow. Cavalry units even played a part in WWII, where their ability to cover great distances without gasoline was an advantage for resource-strapped Russia in the early war.


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