Original WWI Imperial German Navy Sailor's Named Painted Sea Bag

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Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is heavy duty, thick canvassed, hand painted German Navy sea bag (barrack bag) used by a sailor of the Kaiserliche Marine. The sailor would have used this items as he moved from ship or shore installation to a new assignment. Once there he might keep it under his sleeping berth and pull out items as needed. The bag measures approximate 25" x 32" and is offered in very good condition. The barrack bag has a pull drawstring tight closure. The bag is made of stiff and sturdy canvas which would absorb a lot of punishment as it was moved around.

The original owner had his bag personalized with a hand painted design in vibrant color. The front is adorned with a fouled anchor with the German national flag and Naval Ensign.  Hand painted in white, outlined in red is G Scholz. On the upper part of the design  in white is II.W.III.C. Overall an excellent bag with research potential, makes an eye catching addition to any Great War Imperial German Navy Collection.
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