Original WWI Imperial German Mess Gear: Kochgeschirr (Mess Kit), M-1907/15 Canteen, Goffell (Eating Utensil), and Issue Drinking Cup

Item Description

Original Items: Only Ones Available. Lot of original WWI German Soldier’s Gear which includes some of the most essential items for survival in the trenches! This lot includes a complete Mess Kit (Kochgeschirr), Canteen (Feldflasche), Eating Utensil (“Goffell”), and Drinking Cup (Trinkbecker).

- Messkit is an early aluminum, Model 1908, exhibiting a large amount of original Feldgrau paint. The Germans switched to porcelainized steel after 1915. Aluminum Messkits of this type were also used in the 1920s-1930s before, and after, the introduction of the shorter Model 1931 as used during WWII. An interesting feature of these early Mess Kits is that the rim was fitted with a lip which seated the eating utensil in the top of the mess kit for transport.

- Eating Utensil, referred to as a “Goffel” (combining the German word for 'Gabel' (fork) & 'Löffel' (Spoon). Original WWI Manufacture constructed of tinned iron with a riveted pivot point. Rarely are these ever marked.

- M-1907/15 Canteen (Feldflasche). Fitted with original thick brushed cotton ersatz cover and leather harness. This is the simplified version of the earlier Model 1907 which omitted the screw cap, being replaced by a simple steel/cork stopper. The cover snaps are all intact, and the leather harness is remarkably in good condition and unbroken.

- Drinking Cup (Trinkbecker). Early Model dating from pre-1915 before the adoption of other materials to save precious aluminum. This early model features two swiveling bale handles. It was replaced later in the war by a simplified version of enameled iron with a single loop handle.

An excellent opportunity to obtain a near complete set of WWI German Soldier’s Mess Gear!

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