Original WWI Era French Made Moroccan Koumiyya Jambiya Dagger marked Coller Agader with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Jambiya, also spelled janbia, janbiya, and jambia (Arabic: جنبية‎ janbīyah), is the Arabic term for dagger, but it is generally used to describe a specific type of dagger with a short curved blade. The term jambiya is used in various Arab countries and India, it is closely associated with the people of Yemen and is prevalent among Muslim men in the Horn of Africa (primarily the Afars of Djibouti).

This is a classic JAMBIYA dagger featuring a gently curved blade in a matching scabbard, both highly decorated. This particular style is from the country of Morocco, and is known as a Koumiyya. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Spain and France carved out protectorates in Morocco, which continued up until after WWII. This Jambiya was made in France, or at least the blade was, and is marked with a "Falcon" to the left of COLLER AGADER

Overall length of this example is 14 3/4 inches in the impressive scabbard, 14 1/2 inches on its own. The blade double edged and 10 inches in length, with a longer edge on the inside, as is typical for these daggers. The blade looks to be nickel plated, and has some etched and gilt designs on one side. The hilt is silver and brass mounted, with a slender wooden grip.. The scabbard is fully brass clad, with both sides covered embossed designs, and there is a panel on the front with some Arabic writing.

Most eye catching and ready to display!

Almost certainly a War Trophy brought back from the Desert Campaign during WWI. by some soldier so he could relate his brave deeds of battle to his Grand Children.

Blade length: 9 1/4”
Blade Style: Double Edged Curved
Overall length: 14 1/2 
Crossguard: 1 7/8”
Scabbard Length: 9 3/4"

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