Original WWI Era Belgian Donation Collection Tin Bank for National Association against Tuberculosis

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. During the WWI era, the conditions, strife, and large numbers of people moving through Europe led to inevitable illness and disease issues. While most remember the Swine Flu Pandemic, Tuberculosis, often called "Consumption", was also of large concern. The wet and cold conditions in the trenches on the battlefields were the perfect environment for the spread, and after the war the soldiers then took it home with them.

As such, many national organizations were founded to combat the illness, and they would send out people with donation tins to collect money for the fight. This is a very nice collection tin from WWI Era Belgium, which measures about 7"H x 5"W, not counting the handle. It is painted green, and has a funnel on the top for donations, which extends inside to prevent money from being removed. These were usually locked closed, so that it would be difficult to remove.

The front bears a paper label, which is barely holding on, is missing some parts, but still shows the "Cross of Lorraine" in the center, which was a large symbol for the return of Alsace-Lorraine to France during WWI, and later used during WWII as well as a symbol of the French Resistance. In this case it seems to have been used as a patriotic symbol in Belgium as well for getting people to donate to fighting Tuberculosis.

As is correct for Belgium, it has the same message written in both of the national languages across the label:

In French:

Ligue National Belge contre la Tuberculose
Section de la Flandre Orientale

In Dutch:

Nationale Belgische Bond tegen de Tering
Afdeeling van Oost-Vlaanderen

These both translate to "Belgian National League against Tuberculosis, East Flanders Section".

Condition is very good considering the age, however the label is exceedingly delicate, and not well adhered to the tin. A very interesting piece of WWI Era memorabilia, ready to display!

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