Original WWI British Western Front Trench Wooden Gas Attack Warning Rattle - Dated 1917

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Commonly known as a Gas Rattle this is a hand cranked wood framed instrument consisting of two star shaped tumblers and two tensioned wood slats that, when cranked, make the most awful ear splitting noise.

Traditionally hated by all who hear it, the purpose was to get one's attention as quickly as possible and this sound became the universal signal on the Western Front to warn of an incoming gas attack. Hopefully upon hearing this ghastly noise all concerned immediately put on their gas masks and avoided the deadly menace about to descend upon them.

Stamped 1917 with a broad arrow.

Completely original and still in perfect working condition, we actually keep one at home to discourage the Canada geese on our pond because they soil our lawn!

This is an absolutely authentic British WW1 Western Front "Gas Rattle" a hard to find piece of trench warfare history.

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